Acquisition Solutions

Acquisition                                                                   Software Leasing by Federal Agencies

Enterprise-wide License Agreements                                           

  •   Program-wide
  •   Agency-wide
  •   Department-wide
  •   Pan-AgencySoftware Consolidations

Software Consolidations

Are you managing too many contracts? It may be time to consolidate.

  •   Consolidate
  •   Establish one renewal date
  •   Reduce costs
  •   Improve terms

Maintenence Cost Reduction                                        Getting Started with Software as a Managed Service / SaaMS
Are you paying too much for software maintenance?

  •   Maintenance assessments
  •   Cost reduction strategies
  •   No-obligation assessments on request
  •   Improve terms

Enterprise-wide License Agreements                           
Software Leasing by Federal Agencies


  •   Base with options plan
  •   Software as a service
  •   Software subscription
  •   Deferred payment options
  •   Software leasing


FACT:                                                                            ELA Best Practices

Agencies are using ELA’s to reduce costs
and improve operational flexibility.
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in getting the BEST pricing and terms.
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