Consumption Models

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Managed Service (SaaMS)
Compute as a Service (CaaS)
Compute as a Managed Service (CaaMS)
STorage as a Service (STaaS)
STorage as a Managed Service (STaaMS) 

Expeditionary Large Data Object Repository for Analytics in Deployed Operations (ELDORADO)

Port as a Service (PaaS) Coming Soon

•    Subscription-based plans
•    Utility-based plans
•    Capacity-based plans
•    Software on demand
On-site secure service means that sensitive data never leaves the agency.
ESCgov will customize a software service to meet functional and/or product requirements.
ESCgov has done IT, is doing IT and makes IT possible.

TOP REASONS our customers choose Consumption Models:
•    I only want to pay for what I use.
•    I want to scale up and down with no hidden costs.
•    I want to use operational funds.
•    I want to know what I’m getting for each dollar I spend.
•    I want the contractor to be aligned with my mission.
•    I want accountability, transparency and consistency.
•    I want to initiate a lot of software, but only pay for what I use this year.

Mainframe Computing Services
•    Monthly MIPS-based pricing
•    Increase capacity to meet peak demand
•    Roll-back capacity (and cost) when demand is lower
•    On-site or hosted solutions

Did you know?
ESCgov provides all of the mainframe computers currently used
by the Defense Information Systems Agency as a managed service.

Managed IT Services
•    Patch management
•    Configuration control
•    Intrusion detection
•    Asset management
•    Change management

Priced per device, per month: per server, per network switch, per network router.

Did you know?
ESCgov manages over 5000 servers for the Defense Information Systems Agency at a: 

•    fixed price
•    per server, per month

ESCgov has done IT, is doing IT and makes IT possible.

This audio is about John explaining "Managed Services"