DHS Awards 7-year BPA to ESCgov

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded ESCgov of McLean, VA a contract to provide IBM software and related services through September of 2018, if all options are exercized by the Government.  

The mandatory contract is one of several DHS Enterprise Software Solutions BPAs, and constitutes an Enterprise License Agreement for IBM software products.

Under the agreement, ESCgov will provide software solutions and incidental services in three capability areas: Application Infrastructure, Backup and Storage, and Security. The agreement provides software licenses, software maintenance, training and consulting services within these three capability areas.

This BPA was competed under GSA’s Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70.

Key Benefits of the agreement include:

  • Software licenses and maintenance for Application Infrastructure, Backup and Storage, and Security by download or media for each order issued;
  • Existing licenses and maintenance contracts from various outside vendors can be migrated under the Enterprise Software Solutions BPA;
  • Existing and future maintenance contracts will be co-terminated to one anniversary date;
  • Current license upgrades and transfer of licenses within and between DHS organizations at no additional cost;
  • Opportunity to negotiate additional discounts at the order level; and
  • Licenses and maintenance costs will be centrally tracked under one license portal.