Information Technology Consumption Services

ESCgov is a premier supplier of information technology delivered “as-a-Service”.  Our industry-leading approach enables OEM’s to book sales, Prime Contractors to limit risk and preserve cash while improving financial reporting, and end-user customers to enjoy unprecedented flexibility – dynamically scaling capacity (and associated costs) up and down to meet demand.

Key Features of ESCgov “As a Service” offerings

  • Monthly charges that map to contract requirements
    • Utility Service (as used)
    • Capacity Service (as provisioned)
  • Preservation of Cash
    • ESCgov acquires and maintains the assets
    • Monthly costs that reflect usage
  • Reduction of Risk
    • Capacity (and monthly bill) scale up or down to meet fluctuating demand
    • Discontinued assets are removed from monthly bill
    • Subject to Federal Government termination rights
  • A single Service Agreement provides use of technology from multiple vendors
    • Service terms are tailored to the contract requirements
    • The result is one set of service terms for all vendors
  • ESCgov holds title – and pays applicable taxes and insurance
  • Small Business Utilization under NAICS Code 541519 Other Computer Related Services (and other codes as applicable)