About ESCgov

About ESCgov

What is ESCgov?

ESCgov is a next-generation systems integration firm combining cleared engineering expertise with proven commercial hardware and software, and revolutionary utility pricing that empowers customers to pay only for the IT service they actually consume — as much or as little as needed. Traditional systems integrators charge for every hour expended and for each product delivered, leaving customers to hope that activity translates into value.

What we do

ESCgov’s unique business model combines proven commercial technologies, highly capable and cleared systems engineers, and a next-generation price model in which customers acquire capabilities on an as-used (per use, per month) basis. Agencies reduce risk and gain a transparent accounting of dollars spent and value received when contractor payments are linked to delivered value.

Information Technology Consumption Services

ESCgov is a premier supplier of information technology delivered “as-a-Service”.  Our industry-leading approach enables OEM’s to book sales, Prime Contractors to limit risk and preserve cash while improving financial reporting, and end-user customers to enjoy unprecedented flexibility – dynamically scaling capacity (and associated costs) up and down to meet demand.

Key Features of ESCgov “As a Service” offerings