ESCgov Capabilities

ESCgov is a premier supplier of information technology, and an industry leading expert in delivering IT “as-a-Service”. ESCgov facilitates unprecedented transparency, accountability, and flexibility in the acquisition and use of information technology by directly mapping every dollar spent to value received. Customers dynamically scale capacity (and associated costs) up and down to meet fluctuating demand.
With ESCgov as subcontractor/supplier, Prime Contractor costs are converted away from large up-front investments to flexible “as-used” or “per-transaction” costs that map directly to Prime Contract receivables.
Prime Contractors use ESCgov to preserve cash flow, to limit risks associated with contract terminations or under-utilization, to avoid unnecessarily carrying assets on the balance sheet, and to meet small business utilization goals.

ESCgov was founded in 2003, maintains TS Facility Clearance, and qualifies as a small business corporation.

Software as a Managed Service

ESCgov combines cleared technical expertise with proven commercial software technologies to field powerful capabilities for the Department of Defense on a per use, per month basis. DOD acquires the service using operational funds, and pays only for the specific value delivered each month. ESCgov bears the cost (and risk) of the related acquisition, personnel, implementation, testing and security approvals.

Software Library

ESCgov developed a flexible Software Library for an intelligence community customer, enabling the agency to "check out" software licenses when needed for projects. Unused licenses may later be "checked in" and exchanged for other library products at no additional cost to the agency. Paving the way for better utilization and lower life-cycle costs, ESCgov offers clients the ability to re-use licenses across projects and even exchange license types to maintain an optimal mix of fielded licenses.

Mainframes on Demand

ESCgov provides mainframe computing to the defense department (as subcontractor) on a per MIPS per month basis. ESCgov maintains ownership of the machines, which are housed at DOD facilities. DOD pays based on its fluctuating monthly demand for computing capacity.