Financial Solutions

Financial Solutions

ESCgov works closely with its affiliate, ESCcapital, and a portfolio of additional partners to bring effective financial solutons to our Public Sector customers, integration partners, and technology partners.

At ESCgov, we believe in solutions that reach beyond technical challenges to address real world financial concerns. By blending technical and financial expertise, ESCgov is fielding actionable solutions that facilitate transparency, accountability, and mission success. ESCgov’s unique approach combines proven commercial technologies, highly capable and cleared systems engineers, and a next-generation price models in which customers have choices how best to pay for the solutions they need. 

Clients may opt to acquire capabilities on an as-used (per use, per month) basis. Agencies reduce risk and gain a transparent accounting of dollars spent and value received when contractor payments are linked to delivered value. In addition, service levels can fluctuate with demand, empowering customers to pay only for what they use in each period. 

ESCgov offers an array of monthly and annual payment options utilizing either capital or operational structures

 - Leasing (FAR compliant)

 - Rentals

 - Subscription Service

 - Capacity Service

 - Utility Service

ESCgov financial partners have funded hundreds of millions of dollars to enable federal solutions that reduce lifecycle costs and improve flexibility of use for our Government customers. ESCgov is a privately held corporation.

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