Managed Services

Managed Services

Consumption Models

ESCgov is a premier supplier of information technology delivered “as-a-Service”. Our industry-leading approach enables OEM’s to book sales, Prime Contractors to limit risk and avoid unnecessarily carrying assets on their books, and end user customers to enjoy unprecedented flexibility – dynamically scaling capacity (and associated costs) up and down to meet demand.
ESCgov was founded in 2003, maintains TS Facility Clearance, and qualifies as a small business corporation.

Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Managed Service (SaaMS)
Compute as a Service (CaaS)
Compute as a Managed Service (CaaMS)
STorage as a Service (STaaS)
STorage as a Managed Service (STaaMS)
Expeditionary Large Data Object Repository for Analytics in Deployed Operations (ELDORADO)
Port as a Service (PaaS) Coming Soon

Subscription-based plans
Utility-based plans
Capacity-based plans
Software on demand

On-site secure service means that sensitive data never leaves the agency.
ESCgov will customize our Utility Service to meet functional and/or product requirements. ESCgov has done IT, is doing IT and makes IT possible.