YottaStor Edge Node Available on GSA

YottaStor is now available on GSA at a streamlined $200,000 per petabyte per month [Reference GSA Schedule GS-35F-0363P, Part Number YS-EAP-ISR).

At the Edge of the Cloud, a massive avalanche of data is pouring out of an ever-increasing number of sensors and machines.  Far too large to move, it must be captured in place, processed, exploited and resulting insights disseminated to decision makers, analysts and to other systems.

YottaStor nodes, deployed at the edge of the cloud, enable massive data capture and seamless integration into a single logical datacenter.  Data is captured at the source, analyzed in place, and federated into a single global namespace.  One logical datacenter that extends to the farthest reaches of the cloud, delivered as a service for just pennies per GB per month. 

Whether your cloud is public, private, purpose built or hybrid, YottaStor is the solution for the edge of the cloud.

YottaStor is available on the GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0363P)



· Federated architecture scales to exabytes of capacity

· Single global namespace

· Secure! Having achieved ATO at Secret Collateral level

· Rapid ingest & dissemination with no hidden fees

· Many supported datatypes, including WAMI, FMV, LIDAR, SAR

· Analytics software stack

· Fusion of structured, unstructured and machine generated data enables analysts to explore critical relationships and gain actionable insights

· Analyst “reach-in” capability and video-like playback of wide-area motion imagery

· One price on premise, hosted, or fully ruggedized for deployment

· Ask about dedicated fiber options





For more information, contact: Marisha Thoppil (703) 637-8555 Ext. 112

Edge of cloud solutions from YottaStor


· Continuity of Operations

· Purpose built storage cloud



ELDORADO Available on GSA

ESCgov announced today that it will begin offering YottaStor service through the GSA schedule, effective immediately.  "YottaStor plays a critical role in enabling our customers to cost-effectively store and analyze massive amounts of large data objects", said a spokesperson for ESCgov.  The YottaStor service includes the ability to ingest, search and disseminate massive amounts of data at a cost of pennies per gigabyte per month.  The GSA schedule makes the service easily accessible to Federal agencies and authorized local governments,  supporting multiple missions including healthcare, defense and cyber security.

ESCgov, Inc. is a provider of private-cloud capabilities, delivered as a service.

MCLEAN, VA, Monday, January 26, 2015 

ESCgov Delivers Mainframes on Demand

The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) awarded a capacity service contract for the acquisition of on-site mainframe computing services. The five year contract incorporates an ESCgov's solution which enables DISA to increase or decrease its level of service on a monthly basis, and qualifies for the use of operational funds. ESCgov's role under the contract includes the acquisition of IBM mainframe computers which it provides to the prime contractor under flexible monthly terms required by DISA.


ESCgov, Inc., a premier provider of enterprise software and utility computing solutions, announced today that it was awarded an Enterprise Software Solutions Blanket Purchase Agreement by the US Department of Homeland Security.  ESCgov will offer a broad spectrum of IBM software solutions across two of the three capability areas competed: Application Infrastructure and Security. 

The BPA was competed under GSA’s Information Technology (IT) Schedule 70, and provides for software licenses, software maintenance and consulting services within the awarded capability areas.

Under this BPA, DHS components may issue orders on a Firm-Fixed Price (FFP), Time & Material (T&M) and Labor Hour (LH) basis for products and services.

“As a long time provider of software and services to DHS, ESCgov is thrilled to have won this important contract”, said Wayne Greenberg, ESCgov Client Executive.  “Our roots run deep with IBM, and we look forward to working closely with our historical and new partners to bring great value to DHS”.

Key features of the contract include:

·        Software licenses and subscription and support (maintenance) for Application Infrastructure and Security products across the broad IBM solution portfolio;

·        Existing licenses and maintenance contracts from various outside vendors can be migrated under the Enterprise Software Solutions BPA;

·        Existing and future maintenance contracts will be co-terminated to one anniversary date;

·        Current license upgrades and transfer of licenses within and between DHS organizations at no additional cost;

·        Opportunity to negotiate additional discounts at the order level; and

      ·        Licenses and maintenance entitlements will be centrally tracked under one license portal. 

MCLEAN, VA, Friday, September 23, 2011

ESCgov Ranks #1 in Washington Technology's 2008 Fast 50

ESCgov Inc. makes its debut on the Fast 50 list in the No.1 spot, having recorded $46.5 million in revenue in 2007, for a five-year annual growth rate of 275.59 percent.

In 2003, Raj Mittu and Guy Speers founded McLean, Va.-based ESCgov, which stood for Enterprise Solutions Corp. To meet the government's growing demand for greater accountability, the company replaced the traditional time — and materials — billing model with what they call a next generation method that permits agencies to pay only for the information technology services they use — as much or as little as needed.

"Agencies want to be able to account for the value received for every dollar they spend," Speers said. The best technical solution is of little use if we don't also make it affordable, actionable, and accountable.

 Washington Technology's Fast 50