Mainframe Service for the Processor Environment

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Mainframe processing capacity for DISA (as-a-Service)
Period of Performance: 
06/01/2005 to 06/01/2019

The purpose of this contract is to provide a reliable, responsive, and cost effective mainframe infrastructure that is dynamically scalable and able to adjust to changes in user demand, both increases and decreases, and priced on a utility (“as used”) basis. 

In 2005 the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) made a strategic decision to stop acquiring mainframe computers, and begin contracting for on-site computing capacity – Mainframe as a Service.  In October 2006 DISA awarded a consortium of contractors (Apptis, ESCgov and Sirius) an eight-year contract to provide mainframe computing service for the IBM z/OS and z/VM operating environments.  In the years since 2006 DISA has experienced lower costs, increased flexibility, and easier access to new technologies by converting to Mainframe as a Service.


Key features of the Mainframe Service:

  1. Mainframe computing capacity is provided for a monthly fee, which is based on the amount of capacity DISA orders during each month of the contract.
  2. DISA increases use (and associated costs) when workloads increase; DISA decreases use (and associated costs) when workloads are smaller.
  3. All systems reside at government facilities, but the contractor retains title to all systems provided.  The government  uses operational funds for monthly service fees.
  4. The contractor is responsible for maintaining all systems, and for providing technology refreshments to systems as they reach the end of their supported life cycle.