For Prime Contractors

ESCgov is a premier supplier of information technology, and an industry leading expert in delivering IT “as-a-Service”.  ESCgov facilitates unprecedented transparency, accountability, and flexibility in the acquisition and use of information technology by directly mapping every dollar spent to value received. Customers dynamically scale capacity (and associated costs) up and down to meet fluctuating demand. 

With ESCgov as subcontractor/supplier, Prime Contractor costs are converted away from large up-front investments to flexible “as-used” or “per-transaction” costs that map directly to Prime Contract receivables. 

Prime Contractors use ESCgov to preserve cash flow, to limit risks associated with contract terminations or under-utilization, to avoid unnecessarily carrying assets on the balance sheet, and to meet small business utilization goals.  



Information Technology Acquisition and Support Services for Prime Contractors


Low monthly cost for as long as the asset is required

• No up-front cash requirements because ESCgov acquires and maintains the assets

• A single Service Agreement provides use of all required technology

• ESCgov holds title – and responsibility for taxes and insurance

• Qualifies for Small Business Utilization

• Pricing: Monthly rates as low as 4% of acquisition cost


• Low Cost

• Low Risk – includes the right to cancel the lease if the prime contract is terminated for

convenience or non-appropriation

• Flexible – ability to optimize the lease term and payment amounts to better map to prime

contract revenue

• One set of terms and conditions covers all required assets, regardless of manufacturer

• Qualifies for Small Business Utilization

• Pricing: Leasing rates currently below 6%


• Pass through any purchase requirements for IT products and services

• Efficient, timely placement of all orders with professional management, tracking and reporting

• Qualifies for Small Business Utilization

• Pricing: 1% of Invoice


ESCgov is a leading supplier of information technology products and services and has successfully

developed and delivered numerous consumption-based (as a service) solutions for Government and

Industry clients. Examples include Mainframe, Storage, Analytics, and various Software solutions, all

delivered as a service.

ESCgov was founded in 2003, maintains TS Facility Clearance, and qualifies as a small business corporation.


ESCgov Inc. (703) 637-8555
8300 Greensboro Road, Suite 1150, Mclean, VA 22102