For Prime Contractors

Information Technology Acquisition and Support Services for Prime Contractors


Low monthly cost for as long as the asset is required

• No up-front cash requirements because ESCgov acquires and maintains the assets

• A single Service Agreement provides use of all required technology

• ESCgov holds title – and responsibility for taxes and insurance

• Qualifies for Small Business Utilization

• Pricing: Monthly rates as low as 4% of acquisition cost


• Low Cost

• Low Risk – includes the right to cancel the lease if the prime contract is terminated for

convenience or non-appropriation

• Flexible – ability to optimize the lease term and payment amounts to better map to prime

contract revenue

• One set of terms and conditions covers all required assets, regardless of manufacturer

• Qualifies for Small Business Utilization

• Pricing: Leasing rates currently below 6%


• Pass through any purchase requirements for IT products and services

• Efficient, timely placement of all orders with professional management, tracking and reporting

• Qualifies for Small Business Utilization

• Pricing: 1% of Invoice


ESCgov is a leading supplier of information technology products and services and has successfully

developed and delivered numerous consumption-based (as a service) solutions for Government and

Industry clients. Examples include Mainframe, Storage, Analytics, and various Software solutions, all

delivered as a service.

ESCgov was founded in 2003, maintains TS Facility Clearance, and qualifies as a small business corporation.


ESCgov Inc. (703) 637-8555
8300 Greensboro Road, Suite 1150, Mclean, VA 22102