What is ESCgov?

ESCgov is a next-generation systems integration firm combining cleared engineering expertise with proven commercial hardware and software, and revolutionary utility pricing that empowers customers to pay only for the IT service they actually consume — as much or as little as needed. Traditional systems integrators charge for every hour expended and for each product delivered, leaving customers to hope that activity translates into value. At ESCgov, we convert activity to value on our nickel, and charge customers when that value is delivered. That’s the next generation — providing customers a better way forward — lower risk and unprecedented levels of accountability, transparency and agility.

ESCgov was founded in 2003 with a simple idea that industry can do a better job of addressing the business challenges faced by federal agencies. Government’s challenges will not be met by technology alone — even the best technical solution is of little use if we don’t also make it affordable, actionable, and accountable.