YottaCloud Service

ESCgov is a proud partner of YottaStor - a premier provider of enterprise private cloud storage and analytics.  In the rapidly growing world of ‘machine generated data’, The YottaCloud Service differentiates from other cloud service providers (like Amazon’s AWS) by providing purpose built solutions for specific industries that require processing of huge data sets. The unique ability of YottaCloud to provide services that appear to be inside of the customer’s network enables enhanced security while taking advantage of cloud pricing.

The YottaCloud Service can be used to store and retrieve massive amounts of object data, at any time, from anywhere connected to the network through simple to use storage access services.  At no time is customer data mingled with others, and its precise location is always known.  

The YottaCloud Service is available soon on the ESCgov GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0363P)

For more information, please contact

Guy Speers

(703) 637-8555 Ext. 102