YottaStor Edge Node Available on GSA

YottaStor is now available on GSA at a streamlined $200,000 per petabyte per month [Reference GSA Schedule GS-35F-0363P, Part Number YS-EAP-ISR).

At the Edge of the Cloud, a massive avalanche of data is pouring out of an ever-increasing number of sensors and machines.  Far too large to move, it must be captured in place, processed, exploited and resulting insights disseminated to decision makers, analysts and to other systems.

YottaStor nodes, deployed at the edge of the cloud, enable massive data capture and seamless integration into a single logical datacenter.  Data is captured at the source, analyzed in place, and federated into a single global namespace.  One logical datacenter that extends to the farthest reaches of the cloud, delivered as a service for just pennies per GB per month. 

Whether your cloud is public, private, purpose built or hybrid, YottaStor is the solution for the edge of the cloud.

YottaStor is available on the GSA Schedule (GS-35F-0363P)



· Federated architecture scales to exabytes of capacity

· Single global namespace

· Secure! Having achieved ATO at Secret Collateral level

· Rapid ingest & dissemination with no hidden fees

· Many supported datatypes, including WAMI, FMV, LIDAR, SAR

· Analytics software stack

· Fusion of structured, unstructured and machine generated data enables analysts to explore critical relationships and gain actionable insights

· Analyst “reach-in” capability and video-like playback of wide-area motion imagery

· One price on premise, hosted, or fully ruggedized for deployment

· Ask about dedicated fiber options





For more information, contact: Marisha Thoppil (703) 637-8555 Ext. 112  mthoppil@ESCgov.com

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· Continuity of Operations

· Purpose built storage cloud